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I need to write about few things...

I need to write about few things:

1) ObjectDataSource control and my own implementation. (with source and binary) - DONE
2) My implementation of DataMapper.(with source and binary)
3) My validation component. (with source and binary)
4) BuildProvider for generating classes to enable developers to redirect to pages in a strongly typed way. - DONE
5) Bug in the DataList control that causes properties set in ItemDataBound event to be not persisted on postback.
6) Working with object graphs, ObjectDataSource and base detail page.
7) Creating a class for handling Session variable access. - DONE
8) Something about VirtualPathProvider.
9) Why bother with exceptions if ultimately what you get is an error. - DONE
10) Recommended books. - DONE
11) Antipatterns on all levels.
12) Custom ObjectDataSource select parameters. - DONE
13) Working on a project using rich domain model with developers of various levels of experience.
14) Pair programming in practice.
15) Woring with Db4o in ASP.NET projects.
16) ReturnUrl pattern. - DONE
17) Conditionaly hiding a column in a GridView control - declarative way.
18) Benefits of switching from PHP to ASP.NET
19) Control.HasControls() instead of Controls.Count.
20) Position Absolute - Positioning Context. - DONE
21) When is the Select method of the DataSource control called? - DONE

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  • I'm listening... please boost #4 up to #2 :)

    By Blogger IDisposable, at 9:25 AM  

  • The list is not in any particular order, but I will do my best to go with the #4 first.

    By Blogger Mikeon, at 3:05 PM  

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