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Position Absolute -The Positioning Context

For all webmasters it is a bread and butter, but I have found that most ASP.NET developers are not very skilled the CSS stuff. The one thing that I often see is the lack of understanging for the position: absolute style. Many people think that what it does is positioning a given element absolutly on the page relatively to the whole page (the View Port). Mostly so, but that’s not the whole truth. By design, the position: absolute positions the elements in relation to the nearest Postioning Context. Of course by default the View Port is the nearest positioning context but this can be changed. By design, each element that is relatively or absolutely positioned becomes a Positioning Context.

One possible and often used way is to declare an element to be relatively postioned and not offsetting it so it remains in place. This way you can absolutly position elements in relation to any element you choose.

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